Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Frivolous Dialogue

When I was out with Pioneer Sister over the weekend, she said if I wanted something entertaining & fun to read, I should try Janet Evanovich. "Mum has all the books, get them from her." So I stopped by Mum's on my way home for a cup of tea and asked if I could borrow one.
Mum: Well I don't know if you'll like them.
Me: I hear they're funny.
Mum: Well, they're not very deep.
Me: I can do shallow.
Mum: They're frivolous.
Me: I can do frivolous.

So  I read this book in a coupla hours last night. Funny, well-written, & the protagonist gets into hysterically impossible situations. In between are visits home to her parent's house for dinner; also v. funny. I didn't like the boxer character who was violent & sadistic toward women. That was hard to read, so I skipped thru those parts when I saw his name on the page. I hope the rest of her books don't have those kinds of situations.

For the most part, the book was fantastically frivolous & I laughed out loud on several occasions. This is one of my favourite scenes: The guy she's chasing throws her car keys in a dumpster to delay her. And then she has to go to her parent's:

Mother: What's that smell? Is that you? You smell like a garbage can.
Stephanie: I accidentally dropped my keys in a Dumpster, and I had to climb in and get them out.
Mother: I don't understand how these things happen to you. They don't happen to anyone else. Who else do you know dropped their keys in a Dumpster? No one, that's who. Only you would do such a thing.
Grandma [comes out of the kitchen]: I smell throw-up.
Mother: It's Stephanie. She was in a Dumpster.
Grandma: What was she doing in a Dumpster? Was she looking for bodies? I saw a movie on TV where the mob splattered some guy's brains all over the plance and then left him for rat food in a Dumpster.
Mother: She was looking for her keys. It was an accident.
Grandma: Well that's disappointing. I expected something better from her.

I'm looking FW to the next book!  Thanks, Mum!

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