Monday, January 17, 2011

M&M Monday

Outdoorsy Girls

See the bear? Kidding. M&M find something fascinating.

*sniff*  *sniff*

We had a 3-minute blizzard. Maggie heading up the ramp.

Exploring another part of the estate.


Millie overlooking her domain:

Yoo-hoo, Mil!

And then as I was leaning down taking Millie's picture, Tabby Bobcat jumped 
on my back. And as I felt her land on my back, I got Millie's reaction:


Here they are together on the back porch:

Here's Maggie with Tabby:

Maggie goes after the cat every once in a while.
Maggie heads back up the ramp:

Tum de dum

Tabby Bobcat likes to sit at the top of the ramp & be in the way!

Like a sphinx.


Hangin' on the back porch:

Indoorsy Girls

'member when I propped up Millie's food bowl with my sneaker? She likes her food with lots of water and it's v. sloppy. Plus she pulls the bowl with her teeth. This week she spilled her food while trying to move the bowl. So I started using a cardboard box top to prop the bowl. Also doubles as a pillow.
Maggie at my feet, Millie snoozing on her bed. We're all cozy.  :-)

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