Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mozart's Birthday

 Today is my birthday. Growing up, I was reminded that I was born on Mozart's birthday. [cue Tom Hulce's wild Mozart laugh: Hahahahahaha]  So today I will get a birthday call from Brother Atlasta saying, "Happy Mozart's birthday." Hahahahaha 

Yesterday afternoon, the weather gods obeyed the woefully inaccurate meteorologists, and made it start snowing:
7th time's the charm. This a.m.'s sunrise.  :-)

Off the back porch, overlooking my clothesline & driveway.

Off the back porch, where the hummingbird feeder hangs in warmer weather.
Back to my birthday:
CUTE card from Composer Brother. Awww . . . Mickey Mouse.

Speaking of Disney . . . I feel just like a Birthday Princess.  :-)
Because it really IS.  [Insert Mozart laugh]
So I will DANCE into my 47th year:

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