Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Bluebird of Happiness

Yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen table, when FWAP! A bird hit the window. I went outside and there the little guy was, gasping on the ground. I picked it up and held it in my hands. It was stunned, but nothing was broken. So I just kept Reiking it, and he started to perk up. So I got the camera to take a few pix:

Stretching his wing. See? Not broken.

Such delicate little feet!

I put him down because I thought he might be ready to fly:

Oh, he flew all right.
But eventually, he flew off:

Preparing for take off.
I know Mum will prolly correct me and tell me this is not technically a blue bird, it's a such-and-such. Well, looks blue to me!  ;-)

UPDATE: I found out what kind of bird this is! And by "I," I mean extensive research done by Crossword Wiz Mel. It's an indigo bunting. And then!  After all that wondering what kind of exotic bird it could be, in a casual convo with Fisherman Willie, he says, "Hey, have you noticed we have a few indigo buntings around?"



Whispers of Joy said...

Hali.. it is so funny you posted this. I just saw one on Sunday. Only the second one I have seen in my life. I was wondering if there was a message in it for me. It was just sitting in the road and acted like it was not going to fly away. Clay slowed down and we drove right by it, slowing down to look of course. It did fly away but not until I said hello!!

Hali Chambers said...

That is so COOL! I've only ever seen a couple since I moved here. Just yesterday I was driving down my road, and there was one just sitting there. Hmmm.... :-) H.