Monday, June 27, 2011

M&M Monday

When I first got the girls, I was very vigilant about watching them when they went outside. Especially when they first got here and made their way down to the barn. But they don't go very far and have their favourite spots, usually where I can see them from the back porch or out the kitchen window. Then I leave the door open and they trot back in. Well. Just as I was thinking it's nice just to be able to let them out like that, I had a bit of a scare. I let Millie out & got involved cleaning and I don't how much later, I heard Millie bark from outside. A "help me" kinda bark. I ran outside, no Millie. I ran around the house, out to the labyrinth, calling her name. Nothing. It was raining and I'm getting a bit frantic. "Millie?  Millie?!  MILLIEEEEEEE!!!"
And then I found her:

I had thrown some veggie scraps behind the woodshed, and of course she went to investigate. And there she sat. Until it started to rain. So I tried to get her up. I coaxed her with treats. Or rather, I didn't. So I went back into the house to get a towel so I could lift her up with it. And when I came back out:

*sigh* Millie heading back in.
Millie, more than Maggie, gets stuck. So I put the 2 orthopedic beds together so that she wouldn't slip off onto the 6 inches of floor. Aaaaaand . . .

Wedged in between.

Really, Millie?
So I've turned them the other way. There's no way she can slip between them now.

 * * * * *
Here's Maggie sidling up to Millie's food bowl:

Tum de dum
Millie pretending not to care:

Nom nom nom
And then Millie gets Maggie's bowl:

Grrrrrr . . .
And then! She takes her food bowl & puts it on top of Maggie's.

 Winning!  Nom nom nom
* * * * *
Here are the girls asleeeeeep at my feet:

And we end with Millie snuggling up to Maggie's feet:

And that was our week.  :-)

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