Sunday, June 12, 2011

M&M Monday

We have a coupla more months of long-ramp days, and then we'll be at the new house with a much shorter ramp. In the meantime . . .

Millie heads up.

Maggie follows.

"Oh, look!"  I don't know what they're looking at, really. This is part of their little ritual. Step-step-step stop-and-look toward the railroad track, front yard, etc.
Yesterday the girls were lying at my feet, heads together. I got up & got the camera . . .

Of course, when I sat down to get the other point of view, Maggie got up!
Oh well. You may notice that Maggie is wearing her Thunder Shirt. We've been having bouts of thunder, but not so much rain. Also, last night there were fireworks going off down across the river, so it helped her stay calm thru that.

Lena at Mystic Pet was telling me a familiar story: she gave the girls each a bone. Millie didn't want Maggie to have hers, and Maggie taunted her with it. So Lena separated the girls and then they started barking. In the end, she took away the bones. Hahahaha  Welcome to my world!

Here's Millie sidling up to Maggie's food bowl:

She's a sidler.

Aaaaand . . . NOM NOM NOM
 Maggie won't eat out of a metal bowl because she doesn't like the noise of her tags hitting the bowl. But it doesn't stop her from going to Millie's bowl! Gareth is still hand-feeding her at Mystic Pet. We are all well-trained!
A coupla shots of Millie this a.m.:

Basking in the sunlight. 
Yoo-hoo, Mil!
Hullo.  :-)
 Have a GREAT Monday!

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