Friday, June 24, 2011

Mum Vizzie

I have about 2 months before I move and so I have been cleaning-purging-packing. One of the things I've been dreading the most is the garage. Ugh. When I first moved here, I was down there a lot because I had my art studio set up, along with carpet, my wicker furniture--it was pretty swanky.  But I've not spent a lot of time there in the last coupla years & the space has become more of a catch-all for stuff. STUFF. Anyway, Mum has been nagging encouraging me to tackle the garage & when she offered to help, I was relieved but also trepidatious. She's so organized, and we know I'm a spreader.

So she came over this past Wednesday. We had tea before, and I showed her an episode of America's Messiest Home before we started to clean--you know, just for contrast:

Webster's Dictionary is going to use this photo to illustrate HORROR.
Then for added measure, I showed her an episode of Hoarders. This was a good episode, and by "good" I mean disgusting. Janet, a retired nurse, was living without plumbing or heat. Her house was FILLED with not just stuff, but trash. She climbed over it to get to her chair (kinda like the one Mum is sitting in) where she said she didn't really need heat because she stayed warm under 7 blankets. When they asked about the plumbing, she said she went outside where it was "private." But as she's saying this, the camera is panning to the urine-filled bottles strewn along the mountain of stuff. Oh, but it gets worse. Because, then you're thinking, What about Number 2? When her son goes to investigate, he steps on a plastic bag and it breaks open. No, not a diaper. Just a bag. Of poo. Eeeewwwww!  And then Janet blames the flimsiness of the bag. Yes, it's the bag's fault. Stoopid bag for breaking.

Then we had lunch. Kidding. We ate before Pee Bottle Nurse. And then we went down to the garage. Suddenly, my clutter wasn't looking so bad. And we cleared it out in an afternoon. Done & done! And Mum even said, "This isn't so bad."  Hahahaha  THANKS, Mum!  I couldn't have done it without you!

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