Saturday, June 11, 2011

Richmond Vizzie

Last weekend, Chiro-sister & BIL had an all-purpose summer party. It just happened to be around the time of her b-day, so Brother Atlasta & I made her a GF chocolate cake (well, I did the writing). I made a special stop in Charlottesville on the way to Richmond to get a GF cake mix because Mum assured me that she was not-not-not going to turn on the oven in this heat.

Of course we had to do a Cakewreck!
And then! Then, Mum shows up to the part-ay with this:

Mum: Well, now I know how NOT to do balloons. Me: You mean you didn't mean to draw congregating multi-coloured sperm ? [*snort*]

Impending water fun for the kiddliewinks.

Chiro-sister & baby.  :-) So SWEET.

Kids lining up to fill water balloons. Glad I only got one package! I got SOAKED!
In addition to various water thingies, I also got some sidewalk chalk:

I'm very into allowing kids to discover what they can do with art supplies.

Would an adult have come up with this?  SO COOL!

Brother Atlasta approves of BIL's party favour: COMPOST. BIL is the Compost KING!


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