Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day of Rest: A Few Pix

Friday morning's sunrise.

Know what this is? A turkey. Yes, a turkey!

On my way out on top of the mountain. This always makes me think of Dave Dobson; pine trees.  :-)

This little guy hit the window and then kept trying to get in. He finally flew off. I did not Reiki him. OK, I did.

My avocado trees LOVE being outside on the back porch! Lots of leaf growth.

This morning's indigo bunting. He was making a racket with his chit-chitting. It sounds like a cross between a cardinal and a hummingbird. Anyway, he was flying back and forth & I thought he was chitting at me.


And then I saw Tabby Bobcat skulking from behind the car.

Once she moved near the wood shed, he flew to a tree and was quiet. er.

Then whatever caught her fancy, stopped being fancy and she went to sharpen her claws. This is one of the characteristics of a Pixie-Bob; they like to scratch wood.


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