Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Electric Company: This Is How We Roll

It was around 8-ish this a.m. when I heard a loud helicopter going by the house. LOUD. LOUD. LOUD!!!

 I thought that perhaps the first lady was coming to town for another vizzie, but no. The helicopter wasn't going by my house. It was hovering by my house. And attached to it was a long cable with a row of several circular saws.

Morning tea interruption.
 I went on the back porch and there were a bunch of workers standing by trucks. I mouthed, "What's going on?" and they just waved. I watched as the giant saw started hacking away parts of the tree. I thought, "They're awfully close to the power lines. I hope they know what they're doing."  Haha That was the whole point.
Can you imagine the precision required to do this?!

A haiku: Blue sky morning. Blades of tree death. Glistening.
Flying off to the next area.
Afterward, the helicopter moved along the line, and the workers got to work moving the branches into a pile. One of the guys came up to chat. He said I should have gotten a post card notification. Nope. I had no idea this is how they cut trees down!  It was like I was a cowgirl getting steampunked. Heh.

The crew starts clean up.

Millie & Maggie watch.

Afterwards, I called Neighbor Dave, of course. He said the postcard notification prolly went to the owners of my house. Oh. He asked me if I'd lost electricity. No, still on. Then call annoying beeped thru with a call from Mum, so he lost the Phone Face-off. And then the electricity went out. I called Neighbor Dave back after the Mum Chat. He said that the electricity would likely come back on soon--but then it would go off again as they continue along the lines. And he was right. Sometimes it goes off for a few minutes or longer. Sometimes, it's a few seconds. Luckily I have a landline I can use that doesn't require electricity. Unluckily, every time the power goes out, it makes this LOUD cracking sound on the line!  Puts a damper on phone calls for the day.

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