Monday, July 4, 2011

M&M Monday

 This girl. We've had quite a week together . . .

Millie sneaks the cat dish from INSIDE & brings it out to the porch to lick it clean.
But that's nothin' compared to this:

Looking innocent enough.  On the porch.  Except . . .
Except that she wouldn't come back in the house when I was trying to leave to go out for the day. I had an appointment for my car & a bunch of errands. Did she care? NO. And leaving my house and going anywhere is no small task. It requires planning and coordinating and a long driiiiiiiiiive to the nearest town of Loo-ray, which is rarely my final destination. SO. There she sat and wouldn't budge. For half an hour. I called, I cajoled, I bribed with treats. Nothin'.

Not a care in the world. Tum-de-dum.  *sigh*
In the meantime, Tabby Bobcat is oblivious to the dramady unfolding:

Zzzzzz . . . .
And here's Maggie sitting inside. Oblivious, except that she did notice when the treats came out. And yes, she got one, of course!

I was meeting Mum, so I called to tell I was having a hard time getting Millie back in the house. Mum was really, er, supportive. Her first suggestion was to just leave her on the porch. As if. When I rejected that idea, she said, "YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE THE ALPHA whatever!"  So with renewed determination, I got a towel, wedged it under Millie & lifted her up. The whole time she was grumbling and growling, & whipping her head around. My arm grazed a tooth where I have a slight bruise. Otherwise, we got into the house. I don't know if she saw me loading up the car (huge load to the thrift store) and didn't want me to leave, or what. But it was definitely inconvenient--as dogs can be sometimes! [insert eye roll from Mum]  *sigh* 

Back inside. All is well.  :-)
In the midst of me trying to get Millie back into the house, I was reminded of a neighbor I used to have at my last house. He had a yellow lab who was rather yappy. And he would yell, "BE QUIET!" And the dog would bark some more. "I mean it!" he would yell. It was very entertaining. Entertaining when you're not the one trying to get a dog to do something or not do something. Ha!

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