Monday, December 17, 2012

Bingo: Battle of the Beds

Bingo & Tabby both like to sleep on Bingo's bed in the office. If Tabby gets into the office before Bingo . . . 

Tabby doesn't share.

Tabby: not budging.

*sigh*  I call her over & try to coax her onto the bed.

Nope, not having it.

"That's all riiiiiiight. I'll sleep on the floor."
 But then Tabby jumps up on the table:



Squint for the camera. Good cat.

Zzzzz . . . .
 And then:

In the living room:
There are 2 beds, so Tabby can't have them both!

Bingo switches beds.

Whenever I approach her on her bed, she automatically thinks, "Belly rub."
 Tabby wants to go out:
I wasn't fast enough to get Bingo & Tabby at the door together. And when I stooped down to get a photo, Bingo came to me swishing her tail and LICKED my lips. Gah!!!  Just a polite doggie kiss, not a French poodle kiss. Still. Ew.
 Saturday I spent 12 hours painting my living room. I banished Tabby to the porch with food & water, and sequestered Bingo in the kitchen. Around about Hour 8, I ran out of paint so I had to go out. I left Bingo in the kitchen, but she managed to make it into the living room while I was out. WithBu wet paint on the walls, furniture and stuff shoved to the middle of the room, when I saw Bingo's shadow through the window of the front door, I envisioned disaster. She was sure to have paint all over her. 
See the miniscule white-looking dot on her right ear? Yeah. That one. That was all the paint.
 And then yesterday I put all the furniture back and here she is on her bed:
In proper bellyrub position. 

Such a sweetie.

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