Monday, December 3, 2012


Nothing really exciting or new this week. We've had some warm weather, so some nice breezy walks thru the woods and yard.

Tabby greets Bingo & joins us for a walk.

Almost all the leaves are off the trees now so you can see the lake.

What a dignified profile she has!

 Here's Tabby, lollygagging:

 Here's Bingo, coming up to Tabby:
Harshin' his mellow.

Heading to the side border of my property. You can now see the house next door:
See? Over to the right-ish? Little cottagey house.
 Oh. This:
Bingo's diet has an occasional supplementation of deer droppings. *sigh*
 This photo is a bit blurry due to jostling, but it conveys our quick movement thru the woods!

Jumping over the logs.

She loves to trot.

Stopping to sniff the air.

This is the way we go back up to the yard.

Aaaand into the yard.
 And around to the side of the front yard:

See Bingo sort of straining against the leash?
She's gone around a tree . . . 
 And this happens fairly often:

Tabby, in for the kill!
I took Bingo over for a vizzie to her doggie-friends Dana & Roy, but I didn't get any good pics. She has so much FUN with them; she gets to run around the yard without a leash. She & Dana race around and  then when Bingo comes back home, she goes straight to her bed and goes to sleeeeep. And that's our week.  :-)

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