Monday, December 10, 2012


During the weekdays, I spend much of my time in my office. Sometime Bingo is with me, and sometimes she's curled up on her bed in the living room. I took this photo because she was sort of sprawled out, instead of her usual curled up position:
Zzzzzz . . . .
The sound of the camera wakes her up.
Bat ears!

We've sort of gotten into a different routine with our walks, and have not been going out into the neighborhood or down to the lake on the main road. We walk around the property. We start up the driveway:

The stop-n-look.

And here comes Tabby Bobcat to join us:

And then we go thru the backyard, down thru the woods toward the lake:

Under the bent-from-Isabel red bud tree.

View of lake.


Here comes Tabby:

 And then I squat down to get a better angle on the photo & Tabby comes toward me:

And back to the branch:

And then he goes after the leash!
 Sunday Morning Walk

*sniff*  Hmmm . . . squirrels!
 Tabby comes to join us:

Bingo crosses to the other side of the driveway:
 Back toward the house:

 To the backyard:

 Into the woods:
You can sort of see the lake if you know it's there. Not really, tho.
 Here we go:
See the leash? Around the tree?

It taunts Tabby.

No, Bingo:


View of the lake:

Heading back up to the house:

Random picture of one of my favourite tulip poplar trees. Looks like dendrites.

Back under the bent red bud tree.

Up the path.
 Around the yard to the side of the house:

And back in to the house:
Tabby joins us.

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