Monday, December 24, 2012

Bingo on a Walk

Sorry for the delay of today's Bingo post!  

We've had a bit of rain. Here's Bingo sporting her Thundershirt. There's not really any thunder, but we've had a bit of loud noises like gun shots, fireworks, whatever. Anyway, she's much calmer with her shirt.

Here is a cute thing that Bingo does on her walks and I finally was able to get a few pix of her doing it:

See the little thing she does with her foot? Like she has pointer in her.

Here we are above the lake. Bingo is fascinated!

This is what she sees:
CANADA geese!
 Then they flew off:

She watched them fly across the lake to the other end.
 Whenever my nephew visits, he wants to walk Bingo. "RoRo walk Mango?" he says picking up the leash.
He is really into firefighters right now. 


He was trying to get her to go on the deck, but Bingo found something more interesting.
And we'll end with a cute puppy-dog eyes pic. Such a sweetie!

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