Monday, April 1, 2013

Bingo & Tabby: The Last of the Snow & RoRo

I promised more snow pix from last week. This was what was left of the snow when I could take photos without getting my camera all wet!
Tabby Bobcat & Bingo heading out. Tabby not liking the prospect of snow on the sidewalk!

*sniff*  towards the neighbors.

T. Bob doing the Pixi-Bob wood scratch.
 See the branch hanging from the tree?  It's been like this for MONTHS!
Whatcha doing there, Branch?
Oh, just testing the theory of gravity.
It's not a theory, it's the LAW.
 Bingo traipsing thru the field:
Paw lift!


 Back down the driveway:

Tabby races ahead:

 And at the front door:

Tabby looking up at the door: "Why aren't you opening it?"

This past week: 

Nephew Rowan discovers the cat door for the first time:

Here he is having a snack:
The crinkling sound of the snack bag can only mean a treat is in Bingo's future!


Tabby STILL scratches across the window for me to let him in! 

Rowan looking like a chipmunk and Bingo inching toward his snack bowl!
 And then Rowan leaves, and Bingo settles in to look out the cat door:
Plans in the works to turn that into a DOG door to lead to a fenced in back yard. 

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