Monday, December 9, 2013

Doggie Monday

Lots of excitement here in the House of Chambers this week. We had our first sorta-snowy-ice which Reggie LOVED. But first:

I went to walk the labyrinth & here come Bingo & Reggie.
We had some GORGEOUS weather before the ice storm hit on Sunday.
All excited!
And Reggie was all barky. Bingo's looking at him saying, "Dude, what is your PROBlem?"

"Never mind. Come on, let's play."
 In the Back Yard
I thought I'd have to make sure I walked Bingo down to the lake everyday. She gets waaaaaay more exercise romping with Reggie.

I whistled and here they come!

Bingo ready to come in. Reggie hangs back. As per usual, but he's getting better.
 All Cozy Inside
Bingo all snuggley on her bed, next to Reggie's crate.


Here's Reggie. I don't put him in his crate, he just goes in there.

Outside Again
Reggie & Tabby.

Tabby not sure what to think.



Did you need anything?


And then this!

Reggie takes off after Tabby! I think he just wants to play, but Tabby is NOT amused.
 In the meantime:
Bingo looking out for deer and squirrels.
 One Morning:
I looked out the window & thought, "Boy, Tabby looks a bit odd, up there."

It wasn't Tabby. It was a fluffy-tabby-type cat. I got the dogs back in, and it jumped down. I didn't see it again, so I guess it found its way home. Notice I'm not ascribing ANY gender to it. We know my track record on THAT.
 In the Office:
We've had a bit of rain, and Bingo was rooting thru the dirt. :-) Reminds me of Maggie.

Tabby's non-reaction.
Mari turned me on to these. B & R LOVE these! 



 Reggie took his to his crate and woofed it down. Here's a shot of him outside on the back porch:

Here's my labyrinth.  :-)
In the Office
Look who's in the CAT HOUSE!

Bingo on her bed.

This was the first time Reggie was in here. I went to the shed to get the other crate, so Reggie could have one in the LR and the office. But of course, Tabby happy to have HIS crate back in the office!  Usually he's already in there, when Reggie comes into the office. He tried to go in. Once. Tabby HISSSSSSSED at him and he went to the bed under the table. Whoever gets there first, gets the crate, is how it's working. 

SOMEbody's in my house. Hehhhhhh . . . .

 Sunday Morning
Reggie is such a sweetie. He's getting less and less shy. In fact, he was snoozing on the dog bed Sunday night, and not just automatically in his crate. But I've got to watch him:
He REALLY like to chew! And more that that, he likes to pull the stuffing out of stuff. I put that sleeping bag in his crate so it's nice and soft in there for him. The sleeping bag that survived 4 other dogs, and is now having the stuffing pulled out. See that bit of fluff dangling from his mouth? Busted!

But I can't be mad at him. Look at that cutie-pie face!
Reggie had a blast! He was eating the ice.

Romping in the yard.


Back porch.

Coming back inside.

Come on, Reggie.

Back inside, all nice and cozy. 

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