Monday, December 30, 2013

Doggie Monday

Well, it's not going to be the usual Photo Fest this week. I'm been a bit lax in that dept. Bingo and Reggie got to have a Dana & Roy vizzie this week. I have to ninja-maneuver Bingo & Reggie into the yard, while simultaneously keeping Dana & Roy inside. Quite the feat! Here are some pix I took after they were all safely in:

Roy stretching.  
Roy & Bingo say hullo.
Walk-by sniff. 
"Where ya goin', Bingo?" 
Look at Roy's tail wagging.  :-) Bingo's on a mission to eat their dog food! 
Sweet Dana.

Back at the homestead on another day, I went to walk the labyrinth:

Reggie says hullo.
Tail wag.
Bingo stays on the deck.

And Reggie back on the deck.
 And not to leave Tabby out of the post, here he is on Sunday afternoon, all cozy:

Zzzzzzz . . . . 
After their vizzie with Dana & Roy, I awoke the next morning to a strange sound coming from Reggie. He's very quiet in the morning. Bingo will come trotting down the hall and do a squeaky noise if she wants breakfast and I'm not up soon enough. Reggie just waits in his crate until I bring his breakfast. So it was an odd sound like a combination of growling and barking. Well. You may surmise where this is going. I came out to find that he had thrown up thru the crate door--very efficiently, I might add. Nothing on his bedding. Good boy! I looked down to see perfect little bone dog food shapes. *sigh* It could've been worse! [Mum will be reading this and thinking, "Another reason not to have a dog!"] 

Speaking of Mum, she gave me a training system for my birthday from The DogFather (not to be confused with the Dog Whisperer). She gave it to me a month early because she thinks I need it now, for Reggie. She's been over to the house twice since I got him and he sits in his crate and barks. But it's because he's not used to her. He doesn't bark at chiro-sis Ruth, but he's gotten to know her. So the DogFather promises Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog. It's 2 boxes of ropes and a ball, and other accouterments including a DVD. I need to work on leash training with Reggie as well, but for now he gets his exercise ripping around the yard with Bingo, and prolly will continue to until Spring and the end of the John Morgan Seminars season.

Reggie comes when I whistle and he's in the yard. And he doesn't hover outside as much, but comes in. He still goes directly to his crate. When in the house, he won't come to me if I'm facing him, but if I turn away, he trots behind me and touches the back of my knees with his nose. His favourite place with me is in the office, so we're spending lots of time together, and will be thru the next few weeks. Bingo continues to be the best friend for him. Such a sweetie with him. So lucky to have them both.  :-) 

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