Monday, December 16, 2013

Doggie Monday

Remember this pic of my lovely sofa from yesterday's post?
It's hiding a secret. See the blanket on the left, with the pillow?

I didn't take a photo of the HOLE that Reggie chewed, but here's the duct tape I used to cover it.

I've been v. lucky with my previous dogs being the non-furniture-eating variety. *sigh* But Reggie is so quiet. So sneaky. When I saw him, I was mad. Gah! "Reggie!" He dashed into his crate and glued himself to the back. He was so scared, and I didn't even yell.

That did it. I surmised that this had probably happened in his past, and his people weren't nice to him. More than not nice. It's why he's so skittish and flinches if I move my hand too fast. I wasn't angry anymore. It's just a sofa. I'll get it recovered sometime, or get a new one. Meh. It doesn't matter. Not as much as Reggie matters.

RoRo Vizzie
Mum watches nephew Ro, and when she picks him up from preschool, he asks to come to Auntie Haha's house to  play with Bingo. 

Walking down to the lake.

Or running!

Leaves are all gone!

RoRo walking on the tree.

Bingo jumping on and over.

Tabby coming to say hello.

Back inside, Bingo gets a Bully stick.
In the Office
I look out the window to see this:
Reggie wants to play.

Squirrel!  Or deer!


Back in the office:

Backyard Play

Surrender!  Now Bingo is top dog.

Hullo from Reggie.

Hullo from Bingo.

Back to ignoring the camera.

 The Game of "It's Mine"
They both found a stick.

And because it's the only stick in the universe . . . 

Is Bingo winning while simultaneously looking at the camera? 

Reggie rallies!

And then!
They snapped it like a twig.

Both rockin' the Winston Churchill cigar look.
 But ya know what's better than a stick in yer mouth?
The OTHER dog's stick in yer mouth!

Bingo says, "Meh."


Another RoRo Vizzie

What's in here? 


French smooch! 

Down to the lake.

A year ago he could've prolly fit thru!

Brother Atlasta Vizzie
This would be so much cuter in focus!

Bingo's show dog pose.

Back in the Back Yard
Saying hullo to the neighbor dogs.

And I'll leave you here with Reggie, yearning to frolic with Molly (and I forget the other one's name). And Bingo saying, "Hullo," to the camera. Until next week . . . .  :-) 

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