Monday, December 23, 2013

Doggie Monday

It is raining-raining-raining again. Not many sunny days, but it has been warm! Here are a few pix of our week.

I looked out the window to see a hawk, perched on a branch:

And then I noticed more:
Soooo . . .  NOT a hawk! Vultures.

Bingo & Reggie looking at the birds. 
Reggie says hullo.
 Meh. Let's play!

Out on the porch:

Look at Reggie molting. He's v. skittish about me touching his back, so I've not managed to give him a good brushing yet!
 Let's play!

RoRo Vizzie
Chiro-sis with Bingo on a token sunny day. See Ro behind her?

Belly rubs!

Massaging her leg. He sees me do this, so that's what he does.

My heart melts a little when I see this photo. SO SWEET.
And then he's off to climbing!
You may be wondering where Reggie is during these pictures; he's inside hiding in his crate! If we're inside, he barks--while in his crate, of course. He's OK if it's just my sister, but Ro is too noisy and running-around for him. 

His crate is still his go-to place, but look!  He's not glued to the back. He's hanging out the front!
 Bingo on her bed:

This is Reggie's other favourite place:
See him on the couch, behind his crate? I didn't get the photo fast enough, but he was leaning his head on top of the crate. Such a cutie-pie!
 Chiro-sis Vizzie
Tabby LOVES Ruthie.

And back outside:
Reggie saying hullo to neighbor dogs.

And hullo to me & you!
As I write this, I'm sitting in the living room. Reggie is snoozing in his crate. Bingo is on her bed next to the crate, head spilling off her bed, squished against the crate. I know if I get up to the get the camera, they will wake up and shift positions. So I'll just sit here with my cup of tea and paint a picture for you. Jazzy-brunch music is playing (instrumental CD of old standards with Fly Me to the Moon and other songs from the 40's & pre-rock 'n' roll 50's), and both dogs are snoozing, Bingo louder than Reggie. Reggie is all nestled in his blankets, leaning against the crate and his ear is sticking up. He looks like a bat-dog. Nice day to be all cozy.  :-)

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