Monday, April 7, 2014

Doggie Monday

It's a rainy-spring day here at the homestead. I've noticed that the past few posts pretty much BLEND, as they all follow the dogs-in-backyard or in-the-snow. Well, no snow this week!  And for extra-variation, nephew RoRo makes an appearance! In my office with Bingo:

I'm wondering what setting I took these with on my camera; it's a bit blurry. But perhaps that's just RoRo with his constant moving!  [Mum is laughing right now. Ha!] 
 Where was Reggie during this vizzie? In his crate--but not barking. Progress! Speaking of Reggie, here he is in the rain:

*slurp*  I leave the door open for them to come in & out. That will prolly stop soon. Because: bugs.

 Here's Bingo on a sunny day, finding a spot in the sun in the kitchen:

I was having tea with Chiro-sis, so she came to join us.
Getting all slitty-eyed.  :-)
Zzzzzz . . . .
 Last Friday, I got to spend the whole afternoon with Ro. I pulled into the parking lot of the local yoga studio to get a schedule, and he said, "Hey, this is where I get smoothies with Daddy!" So of course, we got him his usual mango smoothie (pronounced "smoovie").   ;-)  So here he is with smoovie in hand, saying hi to Bingo:

And the green thing on the floor is her new eating toy! It slows her WAY down. She's gotten so proficient at the Wobbler, that she knocks it around and woofs down her food in no time!  
 I originally got the green feeder for Reggie, because he's a woofer, too and the Wobbler is not something he would want to do. He's sniffed it once or twice, but he's too timid to knock it about. So I put it in his crate--ha!  BIG mistake. He went to his crate and made a U-turn back to the kitchen and outside. It took a lot of coaxing to let him know that the green THING wasn't in his bed, anymore! I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea. Dogs who have suffered trauma don't need so much novelty; they need sameness and safety.  So I've been feeding Bingo in it so he can see how it works. So far, not curious.
Gratuitous shot of Reggie on back deck. :-)

 Tabby Bobcat
We've had some REALLY warm, beautiful spring days. Here's Tabby on the railing:

Like a lion reclining in a tree. 
Whatchya lookin' at, Bob?
"Nothin' to see here, guys. I'm not looking at the cat. No siree."
 On My Labyrinth Walk
Reggie comes to say hullo.

And bark!  

Tabby surveys from the back porch. (Labyrinth rug on back porch to wash 'n' repair. I mention this because I know Mum will see it and be thinking, "Is that the rug I gave you just hanging willy-nilly on the back porch?" Yes. Yes it is.

Bingo wanders over. Reggie now waggy.  :-)
 Look!  Violets in the labyrinth!

And Tabby comes to join:

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