Monday, April 14, 2014

Doggie Monday

We had a bit of excitement this week. Saturday I was out all day with chiro-sis, so I took Bingo & Reggie to my friend Rita's. Remembering last time, when Reggie ran off, I put them on leashes and took them to the car when I picked them up. However . . . I just backed the car up to let them go to the front door. It's 20 feet. They do it all the time.

*le sigh*

Except. This time, Bingo ran off to the neighbor's!  And of course, Reggie went after her. I had 2 black dogs running around at 11 p.m. I could see nothing, but was calling Bingo. I could hear the jingle of her dog tags and her rustling thru the leaves, but she would not come. Gah!

Reggie, ever the non-adventurist, came back & I corralled him into the back yard & then got him into his crate. But Bingo ignored my calls. I kept in the back of my head Rita saying, "They always come back." Yeah, if they don't get hit by a car!  But sure enough, 2 hours later, she came bounding out of the woods on a final 1 a.m. call off the front porch. Silly girl!

In other news, here is Bingo at her new feeder:
It slows her eating WAY down! And she LOVES it. 
 RoRo Vizzie
Nephew Rowan came for the day & of course we took Bingo for walkies.


View of the lake.

Up 'n' over.

I thought I heard my Mail Carrier Tessa come to the house, so we headed back up. She wasn't there, but here comes Tabby Bobcat to join us.

Back down to the lake:

Stepping over a missing board.

As I'm watching Ro, Bingo is tangling herself in the brush.

Tabby's a bit camouflaged! 

Heading back up:

Bingo trying to be sneaky & lead Ro down to the lake:
"No, Bingo. THIS way!"

This Morning

Reggie barking at the neighbor.

And watching their dogs in their yard.

Bingo: not caring.

"I'll just sit here."

View from my chair: tulip poplar is blooming.  :-)
 And back to Bingo:

Birds are singing, geese are honking down at the lake and there's a nice breeze. Bingo sits on the deck, looking across the yard. Reggie flits around and comes to me and sniffs my feet. Then he licks the top of my big toe and trots off to chew up a twiggy branch, after a good death shake to it. It's a BEAUTIFUL day!  :-)

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