Monday, April 21, 2014

Doggie Monday

Vizzie From Chiro-Sis

Reggie looking out the window.
 He bolts out to the back yard, but Bingo says hi:

"Oh, yes. Scratch right there. That's the spot."

Progress: Reggie ventures in:

Reggie on the Sofa
Reggie hears Mail Carrier Tessa, & looks out the window. 
Bingo sits watching the door:

No vizzie from Tessa today.

Tabby Bobcat
T-Bob looks in on Reggie.

 Reggie's spidey-senses aren't tingling under Bob's watchful cat-gaze, but he gets down:
I should capture this on video--he does this in slow motion.
 RoRo Vizzie
Taking Bingo for a walk.
 Ro is really into Spiderman which he doesn't watch. But there's a Legos Spiderman character on the Legos program that he watches. He said, "Hang on, Auntie HaHa. I'll throw an invisible web so Bingo won't go too close to the lake!"
It worked. Ha.

Spring! But the colours are a bit washed out, thanks to the afternoon sun.

On the pier.
Ro heading back up the pier.

Bingo looking for a way to go rooting thru the scrubby trees.

Back up to the house.

Such a dignified profile.
 Back in the Yard

Ro has found a good writing-in-the-dirt stick.

Awwww . . . 


 He was sitting there with Bingo and he said, "Hey!  It's pretend raining!" And  then he looked at Bingo and said, "Bingo's going to get wet in all this pretend rain." Hahahaha
Amazing to watch him. His hand position is just like chiro-sis's when she's palpating a patient's neck.

"Come on, Bingo. Let's walk." 

He finds another good writing spot. When he writes his name, he says, "Ball and stick and KICK!" for the "R." I know that's what his teacher says to him.
 Reggie's Domain

My poor sofa. Good thing no one really sits on it that much.

I think this was another drive-by from Mail Carrier Tessa.

No treats from Tessa today.

Slow motion descent.
I thought it would be cute to put bunny ears on Bingo.
 She was not all that cooperative!

She ran off:

She shook the ears off and then Reggie grabbed them!

I got them from him before he could eat them. Here's Take 2:

Best I could do! Last pic before she shook them off again. Ha!
 Last pic of Bingo & Reggie, playing in the yard:
HAPPY Spring (and Easter)!

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