Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kitchen Cleaning Closet-ish

I'm in the 6-month Rich Life Mastery program with Belinda Rosenblum. While the focus is all things money management, I've found that as I've been in it, it's translated into management of everything. You can't manage chaos. So I've been slowly cleaning & organizing areas of my house that have been neglected. Entropy takes over. This week I'm working on the kitchen & will end with painting. Yesterday I cleaned out the laundry closet and then addressed this eyesore:
See? Ouch. It wouldn't be so bad (OK, it would) but it's not even functional.
 So I went to Home Depot & got this guy to saw me a coupla boards & I built this:
YAY, me! I have to give a shout-out to Kathy Jenkins of Come to Order. She's the one who originally taught me about track shelves. So easy! And more than that, she taught me HOW TO THINK about organization for my learning style. [Side note here: my tax gal said as I was giving her my files & receipts, "Wow. That organizer we wrote off last year really paid off!"] 

Laundry stuff conveniently located. Recycling on floor (not taking over the rest of the kitchen)! Car washing stuff on topmost shelf. Because, really. How often am I doing that?
 This morning, as I was admiring my handiwork, I thought, you know what these shelves need?

Washi tape. It's my new-favourite-thing!
 So then I got a tension rod and put up paint canvas curtains:
To match the laundry closet curtains, & everything looks neat 'n' tidy.
So tomorrow I'll be rearranging the kitchen cabinets for a 4th time. That's the advantage of having free-standing furniture. And perhaps getting to the painting part. We'll see. :-) 

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