Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Pix & T-Bob

I had so many photos of T-Bob, that I wanted to give him his own post, but as I was creating a bonus& irregular T-Bob Tuesday, I wanted to include other pix as well. So:
On The Back Porch
You may recall this from yesterday's post; THE CATNIP BANANA. Rowan picked it out for him when we went to the pet food store to get food. And apparently this toy.  :-)  Which Bob LOVES. He sleeps with it.

 This is what he does whenever I wear sleeves:
Face into my sleeve. Adorable. :-)

Finding a patch of sun.
 And then moving:

Love that paw curled under.


Zzzzz . . . 
 Back Yard 

 Walking the Labyrinth
Reggie barking. Bingo saunters over.

T-Bob, very Sphinx-like.
On the move.
 Trees are in bloom:

Blue skies. :-)
 Violets in the Labyrinth

 It's a BEAUTIFUL day!

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