Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doggie Monday

In the Office
Reggie stands at the threshold . . . vacillating . . . .
"Should I come in?"
 In . . .

Aaaaand out:

Back in & his tail goes swish . . . 

To and fro.
 And then:
Zzzzzz . . . .
In the meantime:
T-Bob registers his reaction to all this coming-and-going.
 He does come down to the floor:
And sits by my chair.

Next to Bingo.
 But then:
Back in his new spot.

In the meantime:
Bingo assuming the position for belly rubs.
 Well, look at this!
Reggie curled up on the bed.  :-)
 RoRo Vizzie

"Ew. Auntie Haha, Bingo is SHEDDING!"

And he wipes his hands on his pants. 
 At The Wilton Hilton
Thursday I dropped Bingo & Reggie off at Rita's so that I could drive Mum & Chiro-sis with nieces & Ro to the annual 4th of July picnic/concert/fireworks in Front Royal (always held on the 3rd). And this is when I went to pick them up:

And Bingo.
Belly rubs!

Rita is dogsitting Reece, on the right; SUCH a sweetie!

Here's Dana!


 Here comes Reggie:

Bingo.  :-)


Reggie saying hullo to Bingo.

Reece following Rita. 
 Whatcha lookin' at now, Reece?

Guest appearance from Roy:

And here comes Dana:


Look at those eyes. 

On the catwalk.

Stopping to pose.


Happy girl.
 Dana nestled in:
 Back inside:

She lies on her front leg so it looks like she's only got 3 legs unless you're really looking for it.

Reggie: Hullo.

Happy boy.  :-)



While they're all in the kitchen, waiting for treats, Reggie's at the front door:

Treat time!

And then back inside, where Reggie goes to his spot:

Rita showed me videos she took of the dogs. There's one where she calls Reggie, and in he trots and licks her hand! I'm so happy he's happy there. Chiro-sis said when I told her about it, "Have you considered that maybe Rita's his real mommy?"  Hahahaha  

This week I'm dogsitting for Radio Guy. So I'll have lots of pix of the sweet Bailey, an elderly golden retriever.  

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