Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Office Re-Do

I was going to do a super-clean and reorganize my living room and paint my bathroom cabinets.

So then I did my office, totally not on The List. Here's the main area I worked on:
The BEFORE. 2 giant book cases that fit neatly into the alcove. 
But they were so bulky & really taking up SPACE.
In the foreground is my craft table loaded cluttered with art stuff & TWO boxes for Tabby to sit in! 
Another angle.
I gave the bookcases to my sister. And:
Borrowed my brother's big-boy drill to install shelves.

Here are the shelves installed:

I never thought I'd say this, but the shelves were the EASIEST part of this project!
Tabby Bobcat not sure what to think!
In the meantime:
Some of the STUFF to put back!
You know that point where it's too late to turn back but you're too tired to go forward?
Grenade, meet Office.
Ready for the AFTER?
I glued some pretty scrapbook paper to a few more boxes. 
I labeled the shelves & boxes with washi tape.
Another angle:
The plastic drawer unit to the right was already organized. 
The scrapbook paper shelf to the left came from another area of the office.
Here was the wall before I got the scrapbook paper shelf:

And then this was the latest evolution before I moved it:

Reggie checking out the new space:

It's hard to tell from the photo, but there's space behind the scrapbook paper shelf & drawer unit and the shelves on the wall. See?

Behind scrapbook paper shelf. Also, if you look at that bottom shelf,
it's waiting for some lazy susans to rock its world. 
I put that wooden box back there for Tabby. So far, he hasn't taken any interest.
One of the biggest changes was to move my big table out and replace it with my smaller kitchen table. It's still a decent work space; it has leaves that expand if I need more space. I put it on the risers like the other table so I can stand and work. I have a Teflon oven mat already taped on so I can get down to some craftiness. (It's like those craft mats, only thriftier).

So that's the transformation so far. And speaking of transformation, at the end of my long weekend, I was sitting out with chiro-sis and we saw this:
Symbol of transformation. :-)

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