Monday, July 14, 2014

Doggie Monday


Bailey is a sweet, senior Golden Retriever. She stayed with me last week while my friend went to the beach.

I love this dog. 


Settling in.

Bingo in her spot, overseeing her domain.


"What's that?"

"I better be on the lookout."
 It was such a gorgeous day:
Blue skies.

We went for a walk to the lake, without the dogs:

Coming back, the greeting committee:

Reggie: "Weeeee!" 

Back in the house, Tabby sits up on his perch:

After my friend left, Bailey sat by the door:
Not too long, tho. I gave her treats.


Bailey: "Do you mind? I'm trying to attend to BUSINESS."
Reggie: "Come on! Let's play!"                                                  

Front gate.

Tabby, happy to be on the front porch away from all the action.


See the post under the gate? That keeps Bingo IN the yard.

Such a distinguished profile.

Here's Bailey with her squirrel.
 But then:
Reggie likes toys, too & he took the squirrel outside, as pictured in the foreground.
Bingo is not the only fan of hanging out under the kitchen table: 

Bailey is afraid of thunderstorms, like Bingo. We were having a particularly boisterous storm, so I crushed some Benedryl into peanut butter. I added a doggie herbal tincture along with homeopathy. Then I put on their thundershirts.
Bailey liked Bingo's feeder!
Bingo's on a plate.
Of course, I couldn't leave Reggie out:

Bailey sporting the Thundershirt.

Bingo ready for belly rubs!

In the Office

Morning on The Back Porch

Reggie wants to play:

Look at him molting! He's like a llama.

Hello, sweet girl.

Reggie trying to play again.

Tabby looks on with typical cat disinterest.

I was all clicky-clicky with the camera, so she got up to say hi.

And then sat down.

Another feeding time:
The green feeder slowed Bailey down a bit, but not much!
 They saw a deer:

Bingo settles in.

Hullo, Reggie.
 I was babysitting Rowan & took Bailey with me to his house:
It was thundering.

No pix of my cute nephew, tho.

Reggie Gets the Green Feeder
I had originally gotten it for him, but it scared him, so I gave it to Bingo.

 In the meantime:
Bingo got her Wobbler again.

Bailey waits for a stray bit of kibble.

Bingo escaped yesterday. Again.  *le sigh*  Sneaky girl.  She just wants to go and chase deer and wallow in the swampy part of the lake.  I was trying not to panic, because that doesn't help. I heard, "Go to Rita's." So I got in the car & drove down to Rita's. She said she thought it was too far for Bingo to walk up, but she suggested we get in our cars and go around the neighborhood. On the way back, there was Bingo in a neighbor's driveway, a coupla doors down from mine. All muddy and happy.

Here she is, in her favourite dirt patch, after her safe return. 

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