Monday, September 1, 2014

Doggie Monday

Sofa Destroyer
Perhaps "destroyer" is a bit harsh. "Sofa disturber" might be more accurate. Anyway, see this little guy?  He likes to wiggle his way in between the cushion and the back of the sofa:

Zzzzzz.  See Tabby Bobcat thru the window? Plotting & scheming.
Reggie saying hullo.
 This is one of Buddy's spots:

Nap Time:
Zzzzz . . .
 Doesn't it look like he just spilled down in a sofa avalanche?
Zzzzz . . . . 
 While he was off, I took the opportunity to tidy it up:

Reggie says hullo.
Buddy in another one of his spots.

Look at his little tongue sticking out! Can you stand such cuteness?!

More cuteness. My sweet Bingo-Dingo.  :-)
Buddy's spot where he alerts me to anything out there. Roo-roo! 
 So on Tuesday, I took Buddy in to the vet to get neutered. While I don't like to mess with a dog's hormonal system, I also don't like that he kept marking things in my house. This was the main deciding factor; I wanted my house to stop smelling like a beagle urinal. Outside! Big boy beagles pee outside!  Buddy had to stay overnight, so Reggie took the opportunity to steal Buddy's toy pig:
 I didn't catch him in the act, but here he is investigating me:

 See his tail going swish-swish?

RoRo came for a vizzie:

Buddy Returns
 Poor little guy. To make matters worse for him, we had to put him in the Cone of Shame, because he kept licking the incision site:

Not happy. 
 He's managed to finagle it off a few times. As long as he doesn't get licky, we're OK:
Under my desk.
 Reggie coming in to sniff my knees, apparently:

One of Buddy's comfort spots is Reggie's crate:

When Ro came over, he brought one of his stuffed animals with him, which was WHITE. Did we learn nothing from The Teddy Bear Incident? Apparently not, because this:
Found out in the yard. Why is it WHITE?! Well, not anymore.
Lady: That is a priceless Steinway!
Inspector Clouseau: Not anymore.
But he's not too worse for the wear. Just a little soapy scrub and he'll be good as . . .  
Oops. Looks like he needs a new eye.

Ruth did embroider one on, in which she told the toy dog to "think of England" as she stitched. It's what Mum said to my brother as she stitched up his finger at the kitchen table when he was 11.  Rowan pointed out that the new eye was flatter than his other one and not hard and shiny. Well, it gives him character. Another one of Mum's saying for life little unpleasantries. Haha 

But I digress. Here we are outside:
I've been giving him benedryl to take the edge off. Poor little guy.
 Buddy walked into the back of Bingo and managed to get his cone off. After I put it back on him, he went running after her to try to get it off again. She put a stop to that. Not by running away, but by lying down. Ha Foiled again, little buddy. It will be coming off soon enough. In the meantime:
He has been able to do everything with his cone; it hasn't really slowed him down much.

See? Here he is, spilling off my bed:

And eating:

And watch-dogging:

 Another day, another sofa destroying disturbance:

I debated about including this pic because I'm looking at all that dog hair on the covers! Oh well.
 Another meal:
Nom nom nom.
Meanwhile, this:
T-Bob in the laundry basket. Because he's a cat. It's what they do.

Plotting & scheming.


Yesterday I was lying down on the sofa, and Reggie jumped up and sat next to me and then started licking my feet. Which was excruciatingly ticklish, but I didn't want to scare him. But it was really quite the breakthru. He'll let me sit down next to him and massage his neck, but he's never done that. But then! THEN! Look at THIS:
Reggie jumped up on my bed last night! 
This was without Buddy on the bed, just by himself! Amazing how far he's come. 

And then Buddy did come to join us. 

I took these pix with my iPad, because I knew if I moved, he'd hop outta there.

Zzzzz . . . .

Happy boy!

Buddy snuggling up to me.  Awww . . .
he makes those little beagle-snuggley noises.
You know the kind. 
Stretching out . . . I'm noticing my laundry basket of clean clothes there.

Amazing how far we've come. :-)  

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