Monday, September 22, 2014

Doggie Monday

I've learned that I can't have my shoes within reach of Buddy. I thought they were safe in my closet, but I walked into the bedroom to find Buddy trotting toward me with a sandal in his mouth. "Buddy, what are you doing with my sandal?" Plop! down onto the floor. "Nothing," he seems to say. "Don't know how that got in my mouth . . . well, I'll just be going now," as he quick-saunters by me.

Another day I was getting ready to leave and looking for my boots. Where are my boots?  I walk into the living room and there's one on the dog bed. Buddy's universal symbol for "Mine! Don't touch!" And the other one? I walk outside to the back yard and survey the detritus of yogurt containers, duct tape bits, and dog toys in various stages of demise. Here it is:

I've sent the fancy-pants camera off for repairs, but I found a few pix on there:

Always after the cat food:

Stop that! But first lemme get a picture.

Tabby Bobcat looks on.

Laundry Day.
So I've been taking more pix with my iPad which is great because the dogs don't recognize it as a camera. In the living room:

Bingo & Reggie.

 These two were yapping at something outside:

Here's Buddy, wedged up against my leg in the chair:

Another day:
As soon as I'm in the chair, up he jumps.
And eventually, this:
Chair userper.
 In the boudoir:

Zzzzz . . . . 
Here are the regular pix with my point 'n' click:
Another pic of Buddy being cute. Quel suprise.

View on the other side of the laptop:
Hullo. Actually, that's more of a "feed me" look.
And of course, Buddy by my side:

 More yogurt container fun:

 Snoopy pose:

On top of Reggie's crate:

Bingo's spot in the office, under my desk:

I set the empty kefir bottle by my chair & this:
More entertainment. 
Another day, another bottle.
 RoRo Vizzie
Mum is in Australia, so I'm taking Rowan a coupla daze a week. He adores Bingo. He said she's his favourite dog. "Buddy is a nice dog, but he's a bit NAUGHTY." Said with an English accent. He's bilingual.
With one of the dog toys.
Buddy watching Ro collect dog toys. 

Another kefir bottle.
Bingo, basking.
Hullo, Reggie.

Awwww . . . 


The backyard is a playground. All you need is sticks & dirt:
That hole is quite impressive. 
Because of this:

Bingo doesn't dig, she just likes to eat the dirt:

I've come back to an empty tea cup, thanks to Buddy!

"Let me take your picture, Auntie Haha."

Ro was looking at my camera & was pointing to settings. So we played:

And back to normal:

Vizzie to Rita's
Dana saying hullo to the fishies.


Buddy was going after a plate to lick!

Saying hullo to Lee.
 Back in the car:

More adventures to come . . . .

On a side note, Mum is in Australia & we had our first video-chat this morning. Composer Brother was standing there with her & then waved at me & left. Mum said, "Oh, well he's going now." 
"Yes, Mum. I know. He waved at me!"  Mum said, "Oh, right!  You can see him, too!"  Hahahahaha

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