Monday, September 15, 2014

Doggie Monday

It's been another fun and funny week in the House of Chambers. I have to say, Buddy keeps me laughing!
Shoe Connoisseur

He is indiscriminate in his pursuit of footwear:
My sneaker!

But he's so CUTE, so it's OK!

Zzzzzz . . . . 
 Reggie joins Buddy:
Best buddies.  :-)
Hullo. (Boy am I missing my fancy-pants camera)!

Zzzzzz . . . . 
Sofa Destroyer
I changed the covers on the sofa and did a tidy-up. In less than 24 hours, this:
This isn't my living room; it's Buddy's play room.

He has something against the cushions!  

This is where he watches Tabby Bobcat.

And this is where he goes:
Nestled in between.
 Can you stand such cuteness?!

So I did a super clean of the living room; changed dog bed covers, vacuumed, cleaned the windows, etc. Here's Buddy:

On the sofa covers with a DOG toy & not my shoes.


I did have that blanket neat 'n' tidy. It's been Buddy-fied. I think that's HIS blanket, now! 
The next stage is on the floor.
My sweet Bingo. 
I was in the bedroom and in trots Buddy. He sits at my feet and looks up at me. I look down at him and notice something in his mouth. "Whatchya got there, Buddy?" I bend down and wrestle it from his lips. "Where are you getting festive Hawaiian  duct tape?" And then I realize it was from here:
*sigh* My poor sofa.
It didn't take long post super-clean:

 But then this:
See? Blanket on the floor.

He's just so stinkin' cute:

 In all his destructiveness.

My solution to the endless putting-the-sofa-back-together dilemma was to remove the cushions. You heard me. I don't sit there. It's just a glorified, fancy dog bed, really. So I put the cushions in those giant black garbage bags. You know the kind. And I stuck them behind the sofa.  And so far, the covers have stayed on! I thought, "Right, that's done." 

And then this:
Zzzzzz . . . . 
Yogurt Container Roundup 
They each got yogurt containers. After Bingo & Reggie were done with theirs & had abandoned them, this:

I walked into the living room, and Buddy had collected them. He puts stuff on the dog bed
as if to say, "OK, this is mine. Don't touch it."

Out The Living Room Window

Whatchya lookin' at Buddy?


Tabby Bobcat.

And then the ROOing starts.

In The Yoga Room
As I've mentioned before, I switched my bedroom & massage/yoga room. Saturday I went thru ALL my CDs & sorted them. This is going to be a pet-free room. Except:
Buddy trots in & makes himself at home.

Floor cleared off & Reggie & Bingo join the party:

 And by "pet free," apparently I mean "let the dogs in."
Bingo says, "Hullo." 
Belly rubs!
Reggie: *sniff*
 It is the massage room, so I spent some extra time with Bingo:

 Here's a shot of her back dew claws:

Scritchy-scratch under the arm.

Look at Reggie hanging out. This would NOT have happened when I first got him.

HAPPY girl!  :-)
 OK, time to close the door:

Such a Nestler

Lying on my hand.
Sitting with me in my chair, wedged in. 
And this has been our week. As I write this, my French music is playing & I'm having a cuppa (cup of tea). Bingo is lying at my feet, Reggie is wagging his tail & sniffing at my laptop. Buddy has just jumped up and is slowly ousting me out of the chair. Ha! HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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