Monday, September 8, 2014

Doggie Monday

Apologies for the delay . . .

Last of the Cone of Shame Pix
Poor Buddy. He really didn't complain too much.
He got very proficient at navigating his way around with the cone on his head.
And taking off the protective layers off the sofa. Obvi.
See the duct tape on the arm? Fond memories from Reggie's first week with me. :-)
Sitting like a cat.

Zzzzz . . . .
Ready for Belly Rubs

It didn't take long for Buddy to associate "Oh boy!" with treats.
It surprised me the first time he came running when I said, "Belly rubs!" to Bingo! 

Always After The Cat Food!
See what Buddy's sitting on? My laundry basket. He knocked it over to try to reach the cat food! It wasn't all that loud. It was the ensuing Roo-Rooing from him because he still couldn't reach it! Busted, dude.
Tabby, not caring.
In the Office
There's Reggie on the left, Bingo on the right.

Here's Buddy, bringing the party.
 Remember this?
Maggie used to steal my blue slipper.
I walked into the bedroom, and this:
Blue slipper out of closet & onto dog bed with Buddy!

Speaking of mischeviousness, I was in another room & I hear, RIP-RIP-RIP:
My latest massage therapy magazine. I'll never know what they were saying about hip flexors.
 Stop that! But first lemme get a picture!

He's just so stinkin' CUTE:

  Yogurt Containers
These provide so much entertainment!

Buddy trots off.

At the back door:
Reggie & Buddy; Buddy doing an ear-flap.

Best buddies.

Wilton Hilton Vizzie
I was out of town for a seminar this past weekend, so everyone went to Rita's. My fancy-pants camera has a glitch & is not taking photos. So I used my little point 'n' click. Except this:
1-banana, 2-banana, 3-banana CLICK. And I get a shot of Buddy's tail.

Reggie & Buddy saying hullo to Dana.

And back out.

Dana, such a sweetie-pie.

 Bingo, Dana, Reggie

Monday Afternoon Pix
I was on the phone with Canon customer service this afternoon & he had me snap some pix, trying different settings.  Here's Bingo:

Then I switched to my telephoto lens:

Reggie in his crate.
And that's all I got. HAPPY Monday!

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