Monday, June 8, 2015

Doggie Monday

Part of my morning ritual is to make my bed straight away. That might seem like I'm SO disciplined, but really, it's because of this:

On this particular morning, I wasn't fast enough & Buddy went back to bed after his breakfast!

This is the little side table in the living room, by the front door. It's what Buddy stands on to greet me when I come in the door. My case of fizzy water did not deter him from settling in:

 In the office, on the T.U. Rug:

Here's Bingo:
And back to Buddy:

Mum & I went shopping for birthday candles & we passed by the pet aisle. I said, "Oh, maybe I should get a new toy . . . . " I knew as soon as I was saying it that I should just have stopped talking. Because then I got the whole, "Those dogs don't need toys! They are just as happy to have milk cartons and other boxes!" When I was rewriting this in my head, I thought it would be funnier to say, "They have milk cartons and GF, Organic, Fairtrade tampon boxes, what more do they need?" Anyway, here's Buddy with another cardboard thingie he's chewing on:

The Meditation Chair 
I was at my desk and Buddy trots in and then jumps up behind me in my chair. He hasn't done that in a while; and then I realized it was because he goes to the meditation chair. As I was having this realization, he whined a bit. You know the kind, where he wants something. And then I look over to the meditation chair: 
Blurry shot of Tabby before he jumped off.
 T-Bob & Buddy have a feud over the chair. If I'm sitting in the chair with one of them, the other will jump up and share. But it's a bit crowded! Here's Buddy, back in his domain:

 Changing positions:

*sigh* Making a nest:

Saturday morning, I woke up to Buddy and Tabby spooning on the bed. SO CUTE! So they're OK together sometimes . . . . Back to the office; here's Bingo stretched across the threshold with a bone:

And Buddy:

Back on the T.U. rug:

Here's Reggie:

I don't often capture photos of him in the office:
I thought Bingo was behind me one day & reached back to give her a scritchy-scratch and it was actually Reggie! Of course, he moved out of the way. Still shy if not on a leash or in his crate. He's so afraid of hands, poor thing. He is molting like an alpaca! I've been brushing Bingo, but Reggie does NOT like the brush! And welds himself to the back of his crate. So I've been less insistent with him. Mostly because I can't reach him. Yes, I know. "He needs to be trained!" [Did you read that with Mum's British accent?]

Saturday we pulled off a surprise birthday party for chiro-sis. It was the first non-raining day of the week, and the dogs were enjoying the yard. I called them in; Bingo and Reggie come in straight away, but here's Buddy: 
He's being cheerful about his non-compliance. See the tail wag?
 He really is better about coming when I call. He used to shake and shiver. I have plied him with treats over these months with him to let him know he will never be punished for coming when I call. It's payed off, and he mostly comes. Except when he doesn't. But he can't deny the power of cheese, and as soon as he hears the fridge door opening, with the bag of cheese coming out, in he trots!

Saturday Afternoon
Saturday must've been the day for parties! There was a neighbor across the lake with a DJ. Buddy was all excited!
Running back 'n' forth.

Here's Reggie, watching Buddy:

Bingo, more interested in eating dirt:

Here comes Buddy, after his patrol:

"Oh, lookit! Dirt!"

Bingo, overlooking her domain:

Sunday Morning

Buddy on top of the sofa: 

HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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