Monday, June 1, 2015

Doggie Monday

This week, I'm mixing it up; I'm starting with Reggie. Of course, if I were really mixing it up, I'd be posting something un-dog related. I'm just saying that so Mum doesn't have to. Except she will. Ha!

Here's Reggie checking out a colander that Rowan was playing with on his last vizzie:

A bit happier:

Here's Buddy; I watched him as he dropped his shoulder and started to roll in something:


Reggie again:

He was rolling on his back, but I didn't manage to capture it:

RoRo Vizzie
Rowan came in and took his shoes off. He held them in his hand and said, "Auntie Haha, where can I put these UP AND OUT OF THE WAY from Buddy?"  Hahahaha  He's learned not to leave anything he values within reach of the beagle boy!

Ro was watching TV & Buddy came to join him. I think it was after Rowan started eating his snacks. Ro said, "I'll be very careful eating on your couch, Haha."  I said, "I appreciate that, Rowan. But you don't really have to be all that careful in my house. I've got 3 dogs that make a much bigger mess!" 

After he ate his snacks that he came with, he was still hungry. So I cut up some chicken for him and put it in a bowl. 


You can imagine what happened! 

Ro: "Hey!  What happened to my chicken?"  
Me: "Did you leave the bowl where Buddy could reach it?" 
Ro: "I was just giving Reggie a piece of chicken." (Reggie was in his crate). "And then when I came back, the bowl was EMPTY!"  Then he looks at Buddy. "Buddy! You ate my chicken. [British accent] That's very NAUGHTY!" 
Me: "Does this surprise you?  What could you do differently next time?"
Ro: "I wish I had a robot dog that would stop Buddy." 
Me: "And another option would be?"
Ro: "Not to leave the bowl where Buddy can get it." 

Hahahaha  Robot dog.

Buddy, plotting and scheming.  :-)

Sun Bathing




Reggie again:

Thunder Storms
Bingo is so scared when she hears thunder or any loud noises; fireworks, etc. She takes refuge under my desk in the office. 

This week, she was just there without the thunder.

Here's Buddy in the meditation chair. See what he has by his feet?

A piece of a tea box he brought up with him.

Thursday afternoon we had a ferocious thunder storm--well, storms throughout the afternoon. Even Reggie was all "What's that noise?" I dosed Bingo up with Benedryl and put on her Thundershirt. Then I gave her peanut butter in her Kong to distract her:
They all got peanut butter Kongs, of course. 

Here's another shot of Buddy, doing his Snoopy pose:

On the T.U. rug:

See what he's got there? 
Another piece of cardboard.

Sunday, Buddy on a new cover on the meditation chair:

Here's Reggie peeking in:

"He looks like a black blob." 
Yes, I know. I was lazy with the flash. 
HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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