Saturday, June 13, 2015

Collaged Wall

Wednesday morning I woke up at 4 a.m.  I had a friend coming for the weekend, so I really needed to get the house CLEANED. So what did I do? Remember my office wall that I wallpapered old book pages to?   I LOVE my meditation / writing corner. It's where I have a cup of tea, plan the day, snuggle with Buddy. I had kept thinking that the wall with the bookcase looked a bit naked. I kept thinking I wanted to do more wallpapering of something, but not the same. Also, the colour needed to match the book pages; so it would have to be tea stained or antiqued, not white. I've been saving programs from St. Luke's because I'm a hoarder I thought I'd do something crafty with the songs in there. However, the covers were the right colour!  Here's the wall in the process of drying:
I also added some old music book pages.

OK, here we go with the finished alcove:
I'll prolly continue to add things to the wall.

Love this old statue:

'member how I ran out of wallpaper paste
& left the bottom unfinished? Ta-da! Done.
 But of course, then I have to cover the chair:

Tabby Bobcat in a Groom Fest. Buddy's face at having to share HIS chair says it all!

 Can you hear Mum thru the internet?  "Even when you do a non-dog blog post, you somehow manage to put the dogs in it!"  Yup.

Here's one more of Tabby on the bottom of the bookcase:
His new favourite spot until it gets filled. Then he will go over there & MEOW
at me to move stuff out of HIS spot. Because that's how he is. Such a cat!

On the technical side, I just got a bucket of wallpaper paste & a brush and applied it to the back of the page and then also the front when I applied it to the wall. That's it. You'll use more wallpaper paste than what it says on the bucket, but it gives it an even, non-glossy finish.

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