Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mum's Flood Story 2003

There's a saying that nothing in life is certain but death & taxes. A lesser addendum to that in the Land of the Mundane is that you can't control weather and traffic. Those certainly affect us on a more day-to-day basis. Weather happens. Best to go with the flow--or in the case of flooding, get out of the flow.


I promised to tell Mum's Flood Story. First let me say, that Mum is famous up & down my road. I'm Queen Anne's daughter. The convo goes something like this upon meeting a new neighbor:

Me: I live in Ronnie's old house.
Neighbor: How did you find out about that house all the way out here?
Me: My mother helped to renovate it when our friends bought it.
Neighbor: That's YOUR mother? [PAUSE] Isn't she the one who got caught in the flood?

Now, in Mum's defense, the river was just on the last bit of the road before the driveway. It didn't look that deep. It never does. And the thing about that is that you never know what's under the water--still a road or did it wash away? So with her stiff British upper lip, I imagine her gripping the wheel & gritting her teeth as she thought she was going to ford the river to the other side of the driveway.

Road when it's not flooded.

That's when she realized how deep it was. Up to her window. Fortunately, Neighbor Chuck was behind her. "I thought to myself, she ain't gonna go thru that. But she did!" Fortunately she didn't float away. Chuck helped her out of the car & she hung out with him waiting for AAA.

Neighbor Chuck, our hero! He has a big back yard where the deer hang out. See the one in the background? See the bear? Kidding. No bear! ;-)
Here's a pic from that flood from Neighbor Dave:

See the road? Kidding. NO ROAD! It's supposed to be on the left. Where all that water is. ;-) It wasn't this bad when Mum was driving. Really!

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