Friday, December 25, 2009


I had an epiphany yesterday. I was doing a deep clean with the expectation of Mum visiting. I hadn't done anything Christmasy. After all, it's just me. But this is what I realized as I was cleaning: I really like Christmas. I like the music and the movies and the *l*i*g*h*t*s* I like giving gifts, especially ones that have meaning. One year, my brother gave me my favourite dental floss & post it notes--I love that. I think about him everytime I floss. I like the family getting together and reminiscing about past Christmases and watching the nieces & nephews all excited. I love how my sister brings her portable adjusting table and the kids crawl all over as she's adjusting one.

When I was out in the world on Wednesday, I made an inpulse buy of Christmas lights. Yesterday I rearranged the living room and brought up my plant shelf from the basement. All the plants I have are ones that people have given me since I moved here. And they've grown! So here's what I did:

Christmas is year round now.

There's Dobson Frog holding a card, and my labyrinth angel blowing a kiss. I'm rather thinking that I might just get more lights and twinkle things up around the whole house. :-) Do I need to? Prolly not. There are things we do for physical comfort and survival. And then there are things we do for our souls. Beauty feeds the soul. Merrie Christmas, everyone. May today be a day of special new memories.

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