Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank You for Not Stinking

I went to a new chiropractor's office last Wed. I was looking FW to it because he had been practicing acupuncture since 1974 & worked with hormonal issues. The front desk was AWESOME; friendly, knowledgeable, efficient.

I have just removed a rant about migraines. You're welcome.

Back to the new doctor: I walked into his office and was greeted by a toxic cloud of Glade plug-in room deodorizer. I was already in pain, but this pushed me over. Instant migraine. And yet. I tried to make it work. I took my paperwork and stood outside & filled it out. I held my breath as I went in. And then finally, I apologized & said I couldn't stay, I was allergic to the smell. I apologized. My question is this:

What smell is so bad that you have to cover it up with noxious chemicals???

Which makes me appreciate this:

This is from Dr. Steve Thaxton's office. *sigh* 5 hours away. But worth the drive.

I have just edited out more grumpiness. You're welcome.

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