Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quotes for the day-year-decade

I want to write something mind-blowingly enlightened for this last day of the year/decade. But there are people out there way more el-O-quent than I. Here's an everyday quote I have posted at my desk when I feel myself getting pulled into the time-sucking Twitterverse or Blogosphere or cute puppies on youtube:


Seth Godin wrote a fabulous post today, linking back to a previous one. He's in the marketing world, but I appreciate his philosophy which translates to any world:

I'm late on the boat for recently discovering Tina Seelig. She has an enthusiasm & passion that is infectious. I was watching her Creativity & Entrepreneurship video & she tells the story of a man who started with trading a paperclip, & he traded his way up to a house! This was one of many quotes I wrote down:

Then I took a Sharpie marker and wrote it on a tissue box, because why not? Just thinking outside the box. Here's to a new year of purple cows & light bulbs & FABULOUSNESS.

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