Monday, November 5, 2012


Here is a short list of snacks that Bingo likes:
  • seaweed
  • sardines
  • cashews
  • peanut butter (of course)
  • homemade GF bread
  • whatever I'm eating. 

She has, however, turned up her nose at apples & peas.

She eats her Annamaet kibble from her Kong Wobbler for breakfast & dinner. She's gotten very proficient with it, but it slows her down just enough so she doesn't inhale her food. I am not making this up: she made a snorting sound just like a pig today! So funny. This on the heels of Brother Atlasta saying, "She's not fluffy, she's fat," after her bath. Yeah--I prolly should curtail the peanut butter.

I spend most of my day in the office. Most of the time Bingo is with me. She likes to be on her bed under the  table:


Tabby Bobcat: Dog bed Usurper. If he gets there first, Bingo's out of luck.

But look what happened a couple days ago:
Bingo left enough room for Tabby to join her!

 When we walk down to the lake, we pass by this little farm with 4 horses. The beige one in particular will say hello with a friendly "neigh." Here are the two that say hello to us, the other two ignore us:
See? This is from our walk on Saturday morning.

 And down to the lake:

 Still some fall foilage to enJOY:

One of my favourite scenes--that little chair gets me every time!

Heading back up on the other side:

Bingo looking in a culvert:
It was pretty cold, so I'm thinking if there are snakes in there, they'll be too cold to move!

Back up the hill.
 Now  this! This was funny. I was watching our 2 horses--well, horsing around. Literally. It was like watching 2 dogs playing. They were dancing around along the back of their yard. But then they saw us and came to the front:
 And  then we head back down the driveway, home:
And ready for a treat!
Now, in the beginning, we were walking to the lake twice a day, everyday. However, we also have mixed it up. She REALLY likes the back yard & trolling thru the woods!

I think this is Tabby in the foreground nestled in the leaves in Stealth Mode . . . .

Love to watch her sniff the air. I imagine she smells all sorts of things!

This is where I have to watch her--in case she eats something disgusting. Don't ask.

Tabby always joins us, which is the determining factor for whether we take a walk on the main street down to the lake, or just go into the back yard. I don't want him following us with all that traffic! So if I can't keep him inside, we don't go.

Tabby is no doubt eyeing the leash.

The only problem with going in the woods is when she does this:
In amongst the scrubby little trees & I have to untangle her. This is from last week with the hurricane, you can see she's wearing her thunder shirt--altho, not really any thunder, just RAIN.
Back up to the house. 

I've been back & forth about what kind of fence to get, and in the meantime have done nothing! I was going to do a physical fence around the perimeter, but that keeps her out of the woods. So then I'm back to thinking electric fence. I'm planning on landscaping more down to the lake, and it would be nice to walk with her. But for now, she's still Leash Girl.  :-)

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