Monday, November 12, 2012


I keep canvas cloths on the furniture to protect them from cat hair. They're v. easy to toss in the laundry & I like their shabby-chic appeal. However, I've noticed that the sofa cover has been extra-hairy. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was not cat hair, it was from Bingo. She has never gotten on the sofa when I'm at home, but I have suspected she does when I'm out.

In general, I've had a no-dog-on-the-furniture rule. But all my other dogs were MUCH bigger than Bingo. She's mid-sized. So I decided to make it OK for her to be on the sofa, but adding another layer of protective covering. haha  However . . .

Tabby Bobcat was none too pleased at this turn of events. The sofa is HIS domain.
 But then . . .

Zzzzz . . . .


Love this sweet girl.  :-)

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