Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kitchen Before & After

Last night I got home and was inspired to rearrange my kitchen. Now with a normal kitchen, you can't juggle cabinets & counter tops, but when you have free standing furniture, you can do that on a whim. Here's the first Before when I first went to see the house:

Very open & the only storage was this wall of cabinets. 

View from LR, see the extra-wide doorways on either side? 
I had brought in a restaurant rack and put all my appliances, pots, etc. on it but it just looked cluttered. I'm really not a good candidate for open-shelved storage. It was driving me crazy, so chiro-sis Ruth helped me get organized with it last Spring. Mum's friend Gretl had given me this large cabinet & then Brother Atlasta had a spare piece of Corian counter top from his old house: 

Ruth gave me these extra stools she had that go perfectly. The Elvis on the wall is a clock from Composer Brother. His legs swing with the batteries in, but I don't like the distraction--v. annoying to a visual person, but it's awesome wall art. The other thing about having the counter here is that Tabby routinely jumps up on it, which I'm not a fan of.

The next 2 pieces of furniture are from a bedroom suite. 
 Ruth helped me put up these shelves that we salvaged from the laundry closet when I got the new stacked washer & dryer. This is the kind of open shelving I can do! I hung a curtain (tension rod with canvas drop cloth) on the other opening as a divider.

I LOVE this colour green that I painted just this wall.

In the midst of moving stuff around, with the help of my laundry basket, Tabby  or course was v. curious!
 And here's Bingo, snuggled up on her bed: 
Not curious.
So that's what it looked like before. Now here's the After:

I moved the standing cabinet to where Gretl's cabinet was.

Everything in its place. Tabby thinks I opened the cabinet for HIM. Haha
I moved the sideboard a smidge to center it against the wall:
See that basket?  It's hiding something . . . 

This was v. Pinterest-inspired. It's the kinda thing where someone says, "Genius!"  

And here's Gretl's cabinet with Brother Atlasta's counter top, on the back wall. I took the curtain down & then put it back up. I can pull it back when I have the wood stove burning to get air flow in, but other wise, I think I like it closed off. 

The rest of the kitchen is my favourite sunny-yellow-kitchen-colour. Retro-enamel table refinished by Mum. Ruth had it for years & now I have it; perfect size, but it expands if I need to embiggen it. 
And there you have. Kitchen redo for now. Next: painting the living room!

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