Friday, November 9, 2012

Bon Voyage to Mum

Well, Mum is off on a trip to South America today. She's taking a break from this:

Whatcha doin' Mum? "Oh, just breaking up this concrete." 
Of course you are.
. . . and she's going on another Habitat build. 

She went to Friend Rita's to get her haircut, & then came over for a lunch of homemade GF bread & pumpkin soup. Chiro-sis gave her some kiddliewink-shiny-sparkley things like little toys & candies for the orphans she will visit. I made her a card:

The graphic is from a Habitat envelope, so I pasted it on a card that had "generous" printed on it. 

Mum, allegedly heading home to pack.
Instead, I go over to Chiro-sister's house a bit later & she's doing this:
Whatcha doin' Mum? "Oh, just finishing up laying the carpet down on the stairs."
She has dry walled & painted the basement downstairs for my BIL's man cave. The only thing she won't be doing is putting the new flooring down, which happens this weekend. How will Brother Atlasta manage without Mum's help?!  
Mum: Midwife. Karate Black Belt. Nail Gunner.
So Mum thought I'd just see her this morning to take her to the airport, but I arranged with Brother Atlasta to have a quick, surprise ice cream dessert Bon Voyage party for her, since it was her last night here. We sang Bon Voyage to GranAnne to the tune of Happy Birthday. Brother Atlasta lit a Maria de Guadelupe Catholic candle for her  to blow out.

Hugs for GranAnne.
 Unfortunately, this was the only shot I got of her blowing out the candle:
*sigh*  Sorry for the blurry blobbiness. Was just using the little point 'n' click. 

LOVE you, Mum! 

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