Monday, November 19, 2012


Bingo is so funny.  She spins in circles as I get the leash for our walk. "Circle round," I say, and she walks counter clockwise around me and then sits, while I put the leash on her. She would do that anyway, so I just started saying "circle round," while she was doing it. Now if I say it, she'll do it.

One evening we're sitting in the the living room and she wants to go outside. She's all excited. So we bolt out the door and she's booking it up the driveway. I'm keeping up with flashlight in hand. She pops over into the woods and starts sniffing thru the leaves, following some sort of invisible scent trail. Except she is less like a dog and more like a pig searching for truffles: *snort-snort-snort*  And then she darts across the driveway to the other side and churns up the leaves there. Back-and-forth following the scent of--are deer this erratic? Perhaps it's squirrels. She doesn't catch anything, of course. Whatever furry creature it is, is long gone!

Bingo in the daylight in the driveway:

I think I've disobeyed the rule of thirds with this photo. That will be funny to John Morgan. *snort*
 In the back yard:
Look at all those leaves I'm not raking!  

This is such a cute thing she does when she lifts her paw.  *sniff*

Heading down to the lake. Look at that tree!

Such a show-off.

A glimpse thru the leaves to the lake.


As always, Tabby Bobcat is with us. 

This is toward the end of my property; lots of beautiful trees.

Last week when I took Mum to the airport, I took Bingo to Rita's for a play date with Dana & Roy:
I just had my little point-'n'-shoot but Dana was JUMPING for joy!


Roy is such a sweetie.  :-)
 So I'm eating some yogurt in my office, and  this is what I have to look at:
She knows she's going to get to lick out the yogurt container!

The only thing that could possibly make this better is to add peanut butter!
In the morning, Bingo facing the sunrise:
Look at that face.
 Heading back to the house, Tabby come to join her:
*Friends*  :-)

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