Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Foilage*

Thought I'd show a few pix of the beautiful trees 'n' leaves in my yard. So excited to have maple leaves! They go from green to yellow to orange to red. GORGEOUS!  So gorge. Today has been cold & rainy. As the day has gone on, it's gotten more & more dreary. But it's nice 'n' cozy inside, so no complaints.  :-)

Show off.

Close up of the Show Off Tree. 
 This is on my road along the lake:

Reminds me of Page Valley Rd. where I used to live. Except it's paved. And has guard rails. And people.

I took these pix of the lake one misty morning:

View out my office window. I see hearts wherever I go.  :-)  <3
*Yes, I know, it's really FOLIAGE. I'm just saying FOILAGE because it's funny. 

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