Monday, November 7, 2011

Maggie on Monday

Last Sunday, I had a bit of a scare with Maggie. I had ordered her Deramaxx from PetMeds, but they didn't come. Living out in the wilderness, the longest they ever took was 5 days. I ordered on Oct. 22nd, I got them Nov. 5th. The tracking said they arrived at the Richmond P.O. on the 26th--and there they apparently stayed! In the meantime, I'd made another order of a glucosamine supplement after that which came in 2 days! So, long story short (too late), Maggie went 2 days without Deramaxx on a rainy weekend and had a rough time of it. Her hind legs were so stiff and she couldn't walk. So I went to Brother Atlasta's & SIL gave me some of their dog's arthritis medication. Then I called chiro-sister and she came over to adjust Maggie.

Ruth adjusts Maggie with an activator, an instrument that is gentle.
We managed to get Maggie outside with some support but she still couldn't walk by herself. I was sort of expecting a chiropractic miracle, but alas! Not to be. So then we got her back inside and settled back onto her bed in the kitchen. Then I went over to Brother Atlasta's and when I came back, Maggie was in her usual spot in the living room when she's waiting for me to come home. She could walk again!  So I turned on the TV &  then went to the kitchen & when I came back, she had moved again to her spot where she get's massaged when I watch TV.

I called Claws & Paws first thing on Monday morning & took her in. SIL came over & helped me get Maggie up the ramp & into the car. The visit lasted a while. Dr. Morgan was wonderful & said the combination of no Deramaxx & a rainy weekend put her in a lot of pain. She gave Maggie a Deramaxx & started her on Tramadol, another pain med. I had to laugh because she put a tramadol on top of a tongue depressor of baby food & held it out for her to eat. Haha  I said, "She can see that. She won't eat it." So then she pushed it down into the food & Maggie licked the glob off the depressor. And spat out the pill. Pleh. So Dr. Morgan said, "We'll have to do this the old fashioned way," & got it into Maggie's mouth & didn't let go until she swallowed.  She had asked me about Maggie's goopy eyes. I've been rinsing them out for months & applying an eye ointment due to a blocked tear duct. However, she said, "I'm going to give you some Cyclosporine; it looks like an infection." One application that night, and the next morning I wasn't having to rinse out her eyes. Haven't had to since.

She's lost a bit a weight since Millie died. She lost interest in her food, so I've been crock potting chicken & veggies, beef, etc. & mixing it in with Taste of the Wild, a new brand. She's eating better now. The vet did an I.V. of fluids subcutaneously, so she sorta looked like a camel. She also got a pedicure.

Here she is the following day, after the vet vizzie.

Nestled into the mulch.

Love this pic--looking a bit like her sister with the wrinkled forehead, but with her eye-dot action.

Hanging with Tabby Bobcat. 

She sniffed out this headless squirrel around the side of the house.  (Squirrel courtesy of Tabby Bobcat. *sigh*) 

Getting cozy & settled.

Eye dot action.  :-)
I've been using the portable ramp since the move. It's only 2 steps. Except. Maggie doesn't like to go down it, so I have to sort of carry-guide her along. Saturday I pulled a rib out & sprained my back, according to chiro-sister. So she adjusted me, percussed, & iced it. It's about 80% better today & I was able to help Brother Atlasta build a permanent ramp.

Tabby Bobcat lying on the ramp part. Brother Atlasta with a 2 X 4. Haha

Aaaaand she doesn't care.  
Brother Atlasta estimated it'd take us 1-2 hours. Or 6. I got to use a nail gun for the first time. He said I could tell people that my brother says I'm good at screwing. Haha

Maggie came out to watch the construction.

Well. I should've taken a pic of the finished ramp. But Maggie did go down it with some coaxing. So it's going to work just fine. THANKS to my brother.  :-)  And that was our exciting week. Maggie is doing MUCH better. It was about a year ago that she had vertigo & I thought I was going to lose her. And now she's bounced back. I will NEVER risk running out of her meds again!

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