Monday, November 14, 2011

Maggie on Monday

I had a request to see the completed ramp. Well, almost completed. Brother Atlasta needs to put on the last 2X4, but it's completely functional. And if the end of the world happens, it will survive along with cockroaches & maraschino cherries.

Aaaaand this is where Tabby likes to lounge--especially when Maggie is outside!

Maggie coming up the ramp.

BEAUTIFUL fall day; Maggie on the front porch.

Looking over here domain.

Hullo. Her eye-dots get me everytime!  Left . . . 

. . . right.

Aaaaand Tabby on the ramp.

Saturday night I was going thru movies and found some ones I'd forgotten about. Maggie is a waggy gal. And this is classic Maggie wagging with Millie getting inconvenienced:

SO FUNNY!  Millie is appropriately grumpy.  :-)

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