Friday, November 11, 2011

Labyrinth Deconstruction

Last month, chiro-sis & I went back to the River House to dismantle the labyrinth. I was going to leave it for the new tenants to decide if they wanted it. But if they didn't, and the property manager had said they didn't express any interest in it, then what? They would destroy it. I thought it better to do it with care than to look at it as a bunch of rocks to get rid of. I'd already had my first labyrinth destroyed by my ex-husband, who for good measure had decapitated all my little fairy angels. I didn't want that to happen again. Labyrinths are sacred. I spent a lot of time in my labyrinth walking in prayerful meditation, so I needed to be just as conscious in the deconstruction as the construction. So here are a few pix from our journey back to walk the labyrinth one last time:

Long stretch of Page Valley Rd. along the river, just after Indian Grave Ridge.
View off back porch:
Where the hummingbirds rest.

Favourite poplar tree to left.

Where I saw my first backyard bear.

Overlooking clothes line. *sigh* I miss my clothes line!

First thing: get water. I REALLY miss my water!

Chiro-sis walking the labyrinth.

In the center.

View from the labyrinth.


Barn that I never used.

My dog Remi used to rub up against this bush until I reached the center of the labyrinth. Then he would trot over and sit beside me and lean into my leg. Bittersweet memories.

Last pic before we began the dismantling.

Found lots of these little guys.

All done.

We loaded about a 3rd of the rocks into the car.
We put the rest of the rocks along side the house. Just in time, Neighbor Dave & Carol pulled up the driveway. He eyed my car said, "Don't you have rocks at your new house?" And then suggested that I may want to get rid of a few to lighten the load. You know, so I could drive home. And then he told me all the things that could go wrong carrying all those rocks. So we took a few more out. It was so funny, tho. Ruth was taking one out and I said, "Not that one!" and I took it from her & put it back. I know Neighbor Dave must've thought we were nuts! But I'm sure that he came by just to save us from blowing out my tires on the highway.

On the way out, I took a few more pix:

I took a lot of pix of my favourite cow field. Hullo. 

This road doesn't look so steep going UP it. When it's not covered in ice & raining.
Aaaaaand here are the rocks in their new location, waiting to be in a new labyrinth:

Doesn't look like all that much! 

Site of new labyrinth. Coming soon.  :-) 

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