Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HAPPY Birthday, Joy!

Joy's book
It is my dear friend Joy's birthday today. She is artist, writer, shaman. She has one foot firmly planted on the Earth, and one on the side of Spirit. Last weekend we were at a Spirit School gathering and in a small group. There was a woman there who, for lack of a better description, was depressed; slumpy with a glaze to her eyes. As we were going around the circle, Joy spoke and said something like: 

When you are in a place of despair, trying to go to a place of joy seems impossible. So don't try. "Just ask yourself, What is the thing right above this feeling that I can go to? And just take that step. And then keep working your way step-by-step.

As Joy began talking, I looked over at Depressed Woman and I could see her physiology shifting. She sat up and paid attention. And she began to smile and get some life in her eyes. I said to Joy after the gathering, "That was quite the message you got," and she said, "Yeah, I knew someone needed to hear that." Yes, she did!

Joy is currently doing a message-a-day on her blog. Perhaps it's a message for you.



Whispers of Joy said...

Hali you are the best. Thanks so much..

Many times when I get messages I have no idea who might need it or if anyone needs it. Thanks for being my eyes sometimes and telling me... yes... that is exactly what needed to be said....it is good to hear that.



Hali Chambers said...

It was really beautiful to be a witness to your healing words.

BLESSINGS to YOU on your special day! :-) H.