Monday, January 2, 2012

Maggie on Monday

I've pruned thru a few dog beds, but still have one in every room for Maggie. Like the kitchen:

Where she's not using it. Fortunately, she doesn't get stuck on the slippery floor like Millie used to.  See her right eye-dot raised? So cute. 
I was cleaning/rearranging/organizing my office when Maggie trotted in and planted herself:

Right in the middle of it all!

We interrupt this post for an obligatory photo of Maggie sleeping:

Sometimes Maggie barks to go out, and then:

And then plants herself with the door open. letting the fresh air in (Il fait frais!) and the warm air out.
Outside by the ramp:

*sniff*  *sniff*

Basking in the winter sun.

Coming back in. Or not. Sometimes she barks and then sits down.
This week she was in the office with me and stood up and barked. I said, "Out?" Her ears prick up and her brow furrows, like they do, and she heads out the door . . . into the bedroom where she barks up at Tabby, who is curled up on my bed. Tabby stands up, makes a trilling noise and leaps down. And they both go outside. If Tabby is outside, I don't always hear that she wants to come in, but Maggie does. She stands in the kitchen barking toward the front door. "Out?" I say. And she stands there. Then I hear Tabby scratching on the door and I go let her in. It took a while before I noticed--but now I'm trained.  ;-)

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